Le Rebel J.Renee -Journeys

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Allah gives us all journey’s some long and some short.  We all have a myriad of intertwining journeys, that weave and wind through country roads, and vast meadows, dancing through falling raindrops on hot summer days, and chilly Autumn evenings.Journeys that intersect each and every one of us as a species, eventually leading us back to Allah.  We laugh and we cry, we are little and jump in leaf piles, or race through winding streets our with friends, tease siblings and cousins, and sink into an exhausted pile in bed every night (if our parents are lucky). Most of go through the Journey of adolescence, early adult hood and marriage. We go on a quest for meaning, searching, yearning for something to quench our souls. We ponder why we are here, and if there’s more, and who’s really up there. A lucky few of us find it.

I’m here to tell you about my journey, and how I got here, and what makes This isn’t a diary blog, nor do I make any claims of being perfect. I still need to delete my recent Twitter rant against he who must not be named (and loves L.L.Bean), and revise it with more helpful posting/not posting anything.  In this day and age prudence is of the utmost importance, and a golden virtue to improve. I hope to make things that are interesting to you guys, beneficial, scholarly/academic, and also pleasing to Allah.

In this day and age there are so many voices out there chattering. Each one bids us to do a different thing “Buy this dress” they beckon; “wear something tighter, eat less next time” or “You know you want that new X-Box, don’t be ‘square”, or “Come on, nobody lives like that any more.”  Quite often, the petty annoying voices drown out the ones that matter, and the One Who matters most.

I hope that you will come with me, on my journey of discovery, and will be enriched and blessed by it. Also, I hope to use it as a form of accountability, to help keep me on track -and doing whats right since I don’t know any other Muslims in my Area right now. Salam Alekum, and stay blessed J 🙂